Meet me:

Maybe you’ve stumbled across my blog somewhere on the social media channels where I promote it, or a Google search brought you here. Maybe it’s a guest post or an online forum like Quora.

Either way, it doesn’t matter – you are here for a reason.

Maybe you want to do something different and life changing. Maybe you want to show yourself to the world, tell your craziest ideas to everyone you meet, or start your own social movement – nothing wrong with that. I am here to help.

Because here is the deal…

I am a citizen of the universe, a student of life, and an ordinary, sometimes silly boy, who pretends he is a writer and wants to travel the world while inspiring curious fellas like you to achieve their own goals.

That’s nothing special, right? Many other people are doing that already. I know, I know.

But I am not interested in what others are doing. I believe that you just have to find the kind of problems you want to deal with and start solving them in a way that works for you. Then allow yourself to be silly, be crazy, be a kid, and sooner or later you will get to the place where you want to be.

It’s about ideas. 

Sometimes, a weird idea leads to a great destiny! – Tony Robbins

For me, it’s all about ideas. I call them the modern currency, the currency of 21st century.

Chances are most of the big changes in your life has been driven by an idea. No?

Well, that’s the case for me and now I want to share that experience with you.

Okay, but who the heck are you and why should I listen to you?

You shouldn’t listen to me, to begin with. Only if you want to, of course. But then, don’t say it was my fault you contemplated checking out of planet Earth.

Okay… I am kidding. You won’t need to do the latter. 

But if you are interested to know why you should stick around, it is because on this blog I…

  1.  Study great minds and the worlds they make so I can give you actionable tips and tricks you can start using in your life right now.
  2.  Tell you inspiring stories of people who have overcome adversity, including stories based on my own personal experience.
  3.  Share productivity and other mental life hacks to help you break through your own limitations and challenge the norms.

More about me:

If there is one word to describe my life it’s quirkiness. What a weird word, isn’t it? And I totally love it!

People think I am weird, and so I think I must be doing something right.

People also know me as someone who likes to travel, attend big electronic party events, and despite being sometimes annoying, fussy, a little moody at times, dramatic and mean, as a guy who sees the good in others and ultimately wants to help them achieve at least one small bit of their totally average and unambitious dreams and goals.

Ultimately, some people think I am an idiot, too weird to live. Other people think I am too rare to die and that I am a life savior. 

Stick around for a while, read, and decide for yourself.

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