Why Most People Will Never Make a Difference

Why Most People Will Never Make A Difference

Once upon a time, I believed that everyone could achieve greatness. That everyone could make a positive difference in this world. And indeed, each and everyone can, but not everyone will. In fact, most people won’t cause any meaningful and lasting change during their lifetime.

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The Stranger You Never Met and Still Supports You

The Stranger You Never Met And Still Supports You

Within a year I managed to build a following of several hundred people. Like, people who really follow me and engage on my posts.

Don’t know if that’s a lot, or a little; if that’s right or wrong. I admit that I don’t know what I am doing, and I like it just as it is.

These people don’t know me personally. They’ve never seen me. I don’t know who they are, either. But the support I get from them is astonishing.

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Putting Your Life in Order By Embracing the Uncertainty of Life

Putting Your Life In Order By Embracing The Uncertainty Of Life

When I find something that is really fucking good, I cut off the rest of the alternatives and focus on that one thing. It can be a job, a calling, a relationship, a book, whatever. If it is helping me improve my life in some way, then I play, even if it’s for a while.

Everything lasts for a moment. You blink and it’s gone. You finally found somebody who understands you, but then this somebody just disappears.

No problem,”Next one, please,” life goes on.

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