On Taking Risks, Sacrificing, and Letting Go

Everyday Is An Opportunity

Every day is an opportunity. An opportunity to either get yourself together and get excited about your life. Or let your mind control you and keep letting yourself down.

People often tell me how their life sucks and how they wished they could’ve lived differently. How they want to lead a life full of adventures and start rewriting their story.

These are words coming mostly from youngsters. Guys and gals in late adolescence and early twenties.

However, I seem to find a pattern among them all. All of them want an exciting life and none of them wants to sacrifice for it. But whether you realize it or not, life itself is a series of sacrifices.

So, by intentionally choosing what we are willing to sacrifice, we choose the kind of problems we want to have. And by choosing what kind of problems we want to have, we are being more in control of our lives.

You have to sacrifice.

Most of us have not been born with a silver spoon in their mouth. So we have to crawl through the shit while making something out of it as we go.

For example, for the time being in England and working there, I had to make some tough choices. I was broke. And because I needed money, I worked from morning to evening. No pleasure. I was paying my dues.

After half a year of carrying on like this, I decided I can’t continue working at a dead and job. So I start delivering sloppy work, hoping that the employer will notice the dissatisfaction I was experiencing. I was secretly hoping he will start treating me with a proper respect so I can feel a little better. For a little longer. In hell.

It didn’t happen. So I started breaking many of the company’s rules in order to finally get fired. I broke them more times than I was allowed to. One day I intentionally turned up at the shift with the wrong shoes. And that was my last time breaking the rules and the first time breaking free.

I sacrificed the stupid job. Never cared about it, to begin with. But still, it was a sacrifice. 

A little after that, I realized I was searching for something in the wrong place. I needed to do something about it, or else, I would’ve kept going around like a headless chicken.

So I gave up on my one and only source of income at the time. A pretty scary thing to do if you are a stranger in a foreign country. You cannot afford to not work in a foreign country. When we are talking about England, especially, as it is very expensive. Burning the bridges in such situations leaves you with no choice but to act immediately, and often impulsively. 

A little right after that, I would embark on a journey with another stranger I had just met at a party in London. However, before diving into the unknown, I needed to do a quick check up and re-examine my life.

Upon checking, I found out that:

1) I had just come out of a relationship with an emotionally unavailable person. So pretty much the emotions I poured into it was in vain. 
2) After 6 months of working tirelessly, I was still broke. And now I had no job.
3) Neither the relationship nor the job I had just lost, was what I actually wanted.

Nice! Venny is screwed. Again. But it was a blessing in disguise.

Rule of thumb: Whatever you are trying to do, suffering is involved. So you have to extend your breaking point.

Diving into the unknown. 

After my ephemeral self-examination was over and realizing that I had nothing to hold me back, I packed my stuff and finally embarked on a freaking journey to Ibiza with a stranger that I met a little while back at a party in London.

This was a pretty scary diving into the unknown. For the first time, I experienced that strange magical pull that made me raise questions I’d, later on, try to answer. But it was only a glimpse. Still, enough to get me hooked up with life’s sexiness.

As It turned out, Ibiza was a great choice and an irreplaceable learning experience. It opened me to a new way of living. One filled with unpredictability and imperfection.

It made me understand that nothing is exciting if you know what the outcome is going to be and that the unknown also teaches you to come back a little more prepared. It made me understand that if you want to fly you must give up what holds you down and steel up for the obstacles you are going to face on your way up.These obstacles are inevitable. They are the stepping stones towards your next adventure.

So if you want to truly take charge of your own life and write a different story, remember that you have to be ready to take the risks, make the necessary sacrifices, and let go of the things that no longer serve you.

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