The Ideas Occupying Your Mind

Everything we learn in our lives is replaceable. The thoughts, the habits, the way of communicating, the understanding, your beliefs, your bed sheets, your girlfriend’s broken iPhone, and even – might actually cost you less than getting her a new iPhone – your girlfriend, I mean, people. Everything. You would agree with that, right?

The same holds true for your thoughts. With a little bit of effort, you could start changing the current wiring of your brain and steer your life to a more positive state of being. Build new habits. Form new beliefs. But just as you can condition yourself for better things, you can also program yourself for increased negativity. And I have been a witness to both conditions of people close to me, and even myself included. 

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Venny used to be a totally clueless asshole, but now shares ideas to help people improve or ruin their lives. He considers himself as just a regular guy with various types of mental disorders nature blessed him with. And he loves them all.