The Beauty of Being Human: On Pain, Change, and The Importance of Having a Strong Why

It’s late afternoon and the night is falling. The summer is at its peak but it’s not hot, nor it’s chilly. There are no people around. Just me at the rooftop of the mall, catching some fresh air after a long day at work and thinking about what the future may hold for me while staring at the mountain in the near distance. It’s a peaceful moment, and I am alone with my thoughts. Again.

There is this uncomfortable idea that bugs me every day. The idea of failing miserably in life and not fulfilling the expectations of my family; of my closest friends and relatives; of not being able to give back to her, him, and them, as a way of saying thank you for being there when nobody else was.

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Venny used to be a totally clueless asshole, but now shares ideas to help people improve or ruin their lives. He considers himself as just a regular guy with various types of mental disorders nature blessed him with. And he loves them all.

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