All You Need is Twenty Seconds of Insane Courage

Twenty Second Insane Courage

You study, but can’t focus. Telling yourself that tomorrow will be different. And that you will finish that article. Start reading that new book. Launch your website. Save money and make an investment. Or maybe buy a gym membership. And start getting a ripped, lean and mean machine. You wish you could start all this today.

But then…

The next day comes. And you are filled with regret. The regret of not finishing your article. Still haven’t started reading your book. Or you are half-way through your university coursework due for tomorrow. The gym membership – still in your cupboard and gathering dust.

If all this sounds like you, then – surprise! – welcome to the slacking club.

Let me guess. You now might be wondering if there is a way around it? And what if there is? If I tell it to you, would you finally take the plunge?

”Yes” I can hear you say.

I say, ”It Depends!”

It Depends… on how hard it will be. So to say, not too hard so you give up. Not too easy so you get bored.
It Depends… on whether you have a strong why to keep you moving forward.
It Depends… on what makes you wake up in the morning.


Not really.


Because what if I gave you such an easy trick to beat procrastination next time it comes to knock on your door, that you just can’t help, but entirely ignore all of the Depends, and get your arse moving right now?

That would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?

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The One Trick You Should Know If You Want to Beat Procrastination.


You just have to get things going. Simple, right?

Let me elaborate.

Most people see action as something scary. But it shouldn’t be that way. In fact, it’s even the opposite. Instead of waiting for inspiration in order to move forward, you start moving forward to create inspiration. That’s how you become motivated to continue doing.

Action -> Inspiration -> Motivation -> Action -> Inspiration -> Motivation

I use this trick to start anything I want to do when things get tough. I am using this trick right now. Every time I find myself at a dead-end street with my writing, I remind myself that one sentence is all I need. I start with just one. And then before I know it, I have written a thousand words article.

Don’t think about the end goal. Start small. For instance, if you are writing, write only the first sentence. Then the second one will automatically follow. Write it, too. Write the third sentence. Then the forth. Little by little you will start gaining traction.

It’s like the wheels of a steam locomotive. At a stand still it takes very little to keep it from moving forward – a one-inch block of wood placed under the front wheel will do the job. But once the train starts rolling, the wheels get into a rhythm. If the pressure remains consistent, the train gains momentum. It’s the same with getting into your own rhythm.

Maybe, you are now wondering what’s up with these twenty seconds of insane courage. And I will tell you – they’re the surprise. The golden nugget of this article. If you can take only one thing from this article, take that one. That’s the actual simple and easy trick you can use to increase the effectiveness of your actions.

Let me share with you:

The Twenty Seconds of Insane Courage Rule

I’ve heard about this trick from the movie We Bought a Zoo.

Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come from it. – We Bought A Zoo

As a champion – champion! – procrastinator, this quote got stuck in my mind as soon as I heard it. Every time I am facing some mental roadblocks stopping me from taking action, I am telling myself: All I need is twenty seconds of insane courage and something amazing will happen.

For example:

  • All I need is twenty seconds of insane courage to put on my shoes.
  • All I need is twenty seconds of insane courage to get a book and read that first sentence. 
  • All I need is twenty seconds of insane courage to ask a girl for a date.

With this rule, it doesn’t get any easier. Actually, it’s more like a philosophy. And it’s been working like a charm for me.

I would love to hear your thoughts on that. And if you have something to add to the topic of procrastination and how to beat it, please, feel free to leave a comment.

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