Guest Post

You have a story to tell?

Well, rockstar, the world wants to hear it. 

But, before that, I need to give you some guidelines…

Setting a bunch of rules as to how to write a guest post really tires me.

Yet, I have no choice. Things have to look at least as good as your favorite clothes in the wardrobe. 

But I will try to keep things simple. 

So, what I am looking for?

  1. Make sure you write on one of the following topics:
    Mindset: Talk about (unconventional, yet) profound and effective ways of thinking, being and doing.
    Motivation: How to take action now to get inspired to continue to do more. 
    Lifestyle design: Here, you talk about ways of creating your life the way you want; Tips & Tricks for building your own versions of normal; Challenging the status quo, and the conventional ways of being and doing. 
    Life lessons & Philosophy: This one is about how to achieve significance with your life [incl. frustrations, overwhelm, pain]
  2. Keep a conversational tone: No need to get too formal, we are not in university.  
  3. Sentence structure: Use shorter sentences, use active voice instead of passive , and avoid adverbs (ending in “-ly”)
  4. Short paragraphs: 5 lines maximum.
  5. Word count: Aim for 800-1000 words minimum. The more, the better. 
  6. Originality: And, of course, the article must be unique and not found anywhere else. The moment you send it to me, you agree not to republish it. 

How to submit?

Send an email with the edited article in a simple Word doc at

Add a short bio in the beginning, but without a link. Add your special link naturally later in the post.

I’ll get back to you shortly and let you know whether I’ll publish it or not.

Don’t worry about formatting or images. That will be done after the post is approved and when it’s being formatted.

Small changes can be made once approved and ready to be published.

Well, you are all set and ready to go and write that post!

The ball is in your court. 

Unfaithfully yours, 
Venny Newson